Cross functional lessons

The following lessons are independent of Architecture Discipline. They may serve both as a baseline training and specialized knowledge.

Capgemini IAF

The Capgemini Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF) has been the cornerstone of architecture led engagements across most of Capgemini for many years. To date, IAF is used at many customers, used and developed by the architecture community. As a result, IAF has evolved and adapted over the years through the experience and thought leadership of the Capgemini architecture community. Learning and education has been through formal (A-Week events) and informal (on the job coaching). IAF has undergone major revisions at intervals, with course and reference material updated as resources allowed. This process has ensured that at any one time, there are several ‘flavours’ of IAF in use, each involving slightly different interpretations but still underpinned by a consistent and robust set of concepts.

Recently, Capgemini has identified a need to communicate and share IAF with clients and a wider, public domain community. It is therefore necessary to establish a consistent baseline of definitions that can be used for this dissemination process. It is necessary to present a definitive version and interpretation of IAF Artifacts[^1] in order to support this initiative.


The objective of the Archimate standard and the ArchiMate Enterprise Architecture modeling language, is to be a visual language with a set of default iconography for describing, analyzing, and communicating many concerns of Enterprise Architectures as they change over time. The standard provides a set of entities and relationships with their corresponding iconography for the representation of Architecture Descriptions.

Archimate training must comply to The Open Group specifications and requirements. For more information on this, go to their Website

Want to play with the Archimate metamodell? Take a look: Archimate Live