Framework for critical thinking about risk

This guide is for those who need an OpenFair practitioners view on how to work with Risk Management. The guides is based on ideas an practical experience using OpenFair and some accompanying material. There are separate chapters with usecase examples and recommended reading. It is not meant to replace or create a new standard. We have no larger goals, visions or strategic roadmap. We are practitioners who share ideas and experiences. This is crowsourcing

Definition of risk

There are many definition of risks out there, but this guide has no intention to discuss any of them. This guide is about critical thinking and reasoning about problems identified as risks by ceratin stakelholders. The same stakeholders has some desired outcome of some opportunity. The maiin purpose of this guide is to provide those stakeholders with insight so they can take better decisions based on actual insight

Purpose and Scope

The main purpose and the fundamental principles of the guide

Tool support

We are currently investigate how to develop a tool to use as part of the guide

References(details will be added)

OpenFair Standard and Taxonomy OpenFair Process Guide, TOG Measuring and Managing Risk, Jacks book


We acknowledge and appreciate all the authors and contributers to referenced materials. We fully respect the unwritten code of citation and will do our very best to comply.

Criticism, Feedback and Improvements

This guide is always a subject for criticism, feedback and improvements. Thinks of it as a guide beeing continuosly peer reviewed.

License and Intelectual Property Rights

This guide is not protected by any formm of License or Intelectual Property Rights. Nothing in this guide can be claimed someones ownership. Ideas and concepts can be coined by many and result in what could called memes. We consider this a result of the collaborating culture.